2020 Grand Council Appointments: Ill. Comp. Dr Viv Thomas Grand Chaplain - Ill. Comp. Steve Bassett Grand Steward - Ill. Comp. Dr Akram Baig P.G. Swd.B.      Promotions: Ill. Comp. Ivor Shuttleworth P.G. Lecturer - Ill. Comp. Norman Simmons P.G. Cond. C.

Councils meeting within the District of South Wales

For further details contact District Grand Secretary

Glyntaf No.40 Meeting in Caerphilly

First Saturday March (Inst), Second Saturday October

Merthyr Tydfil No. 120, Meeting in Merthyr Tydfil

Second Friday March (Inst), Second Friday June, Third Tuesday September

St. Augustine Council No. 122, Meeting in Penarth

Fourth Thursday February (Inst), Third Monday May, Fourth Monday October

Henfynyw Council No. 137, Meeting in Aberaeron

Third Tuesday in February, May (inst) and October

Prince of Wales Council No. 140, Meeting in Llanelli

Third Friday in April, June and October (Inst)

Port Talbot Council No. 147, Meeting in Port Talbot

Fourth Tuesday March (Inst), Third Wednesday June and September

Cartref Council No. 169, Meeting in Swansea

29th day (variable) January (Inst), March and October

Mynwy Council No. 196, Meeting in Newport

Third Monday October (Inst), Second Thursday February and April

Geraldus Cambrensis Council No.225, Meeting in Llanelli

Third Saturday February (Inst), Third Saturday November

Ambat Zaphan Council No.287, Meeting in Bridgend

Second Saturday December(Inst), Meeting in Merthyr Tydfil Third Saturday March