***** Please observe the Government recomendations and Stay Safe ******


10th Glyntaf

16th Prince of Wales (Inst)

19th Mynwy (Inst)

20th Henfynyw

29th Cartref


21st Geraldus Cambrensis

Dear Companion

Tuesday, 16th April should have seen the annual meeting of our Grand Council in Freemasons’ Hall, London when we would have been applauding the following from our District –

  • Vivian Thomas------Grand Chaplain
  • Ryan Williams------Grand Recorder
  • Stephen Bassett----Grand Steward
  • Ivor Shuttleworth----Past Grand Lecturer
  • Norman Simons-----Past Grand Conductor of the Council
  • Akram Baig------------Past Grand Sword Bearer

While Ryan is a reappointment, all these appointments and promotions in Grand Rank are most well deserved and we congratulate each and every one. The new ranks take effect immediately, as if Grand Council had met. May we therefore please raise a glass or a cup of tea to each of our Illustrious Companions.

Meanwhile Masonry is suspended as we continue to live in most unprecedented times. That must provoke a range of emotions from not having the purpose of usual activities through to great concern and apprehension.

Ideally, Companions of this Order will strive to remain in touch with each other, especially with anyone living on their own. The telephone, the sound of the friendly voice, is usually the best medium.

Of course, we don’t know how long this lockdown will go on. In the Order of Royal and Select Masters there are some of an older age group and those above a certain age may be restricted longest, with a knock-on effect for our meetings. But we know it is in the interests of the greatest good, to fight the dreadful virus by staying home, protecting the NHS and saving lives.

I look forward to happier times, particularly to seeing you again. Please keep safe and well.

Yours sincerely and fraternally

District Grand Master