***** Please observe the Government recomendations and Stay Safe ******

Carona Virus

We are living in a worrying and fast changing world. Last week we had to appreciate that attendance at Council meetings would be affected. Now with the latest advice about contact and travel, I do not expect that our Councils will be meeting for some time.

The well being of Companions and their families will always have the highest priority. Appropriate formalities can be covered and when normal Masonic activities are resumed, we will pick up where we left off.

In the meanwhile, I hope we might develop a communications net that keeps Companions in touch much as though they were still attending in Council. It is important that contact is maintained, that news or information is passed on, that we remain as fraternal as possible.

In particular, we ought to be especially concerned about any Companion who might not be enjoying the best of health, or living on their own.

While this may come to you by email, may I mention that a telephone call, the human voice has great value.

I wish each and everyone the best of fortune as we face the future. May the Supreme Master of the Universe keep you safe in His special care.

District Grand Master